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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Wishing to bring a cozy and happy Mid-Autumn Festival to orphans and memorable experiences for tourists in Da Nang, HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa has recently organized loving and meaningful activities. With the idea to bring special festivals of Vietnam to international friends, we are happy to contribute a part in that mission as well as take Danang beach hotels to a higher level in minds of domestic and oversea travelers. Let's take a look at HAIAN’s Mid-Autumn Festival activities.

1. HAIAN Special Edition Organic Mooncakes

Mooncake is an indispensable symbol of the Full-Moon Festival. Inspired by the “Eat clean and healthy” trend, our special Organic Moon Cakes are cherished and released, bases on the prime criteria – the precious health of our beloved guests.

Made from super-nutritious nuts in conjunction with other high nutritional natural ingredients such as Bamboo Charcoal, Fruit Wine, … and mild sweet filling from 50% jaggery and 50% Stevia, one of the best diet sugars, extracted from the natural sweetness of Stevia grass, HAIAN Organic Mooncakes proudly achieve the love of guests with 4 stimulating flavor:

_ Baked moon cake with Salmon and Salted Eggs.

_ Baked moon cake with Fruit Wine and Nuts.

_ Soft crust moon cake with Bamboo Charcoal, Red Lentils, Chia Seeds and Salted Eggs.

_ Soft crust moon cake with Matcha, Chickpeas and Almonds.

Molded with all enthusiasm and passion of a baker, HAIAN Moon Cakes are ready to send your healthy messages to your family for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Once again, we would like to thank our customers for choosing HAIAN Mooncakes as a gift for themselves, their family and friends at the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019.

2. HAIAN Organic Mooncake Cooking Class 2019

Wishing international friends have a closer look at Vietnamese traditional festival, HAIAN Beach Hotel Spa proudly organized an Organic Mooncake Cooking Class for In-house guests to bring them interesting and meaningful moments of this Full-Moon Festival.

In a cozy and happy atmosphere, another Mid-Autumn Festival full of joy at HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa with sparkling lanterns, stylish space in conjunction with exciting entertainments and vibrant music was successfully held! And mentioned HAIAN Organic Cooking Class, it is indispensable to take a look at the wonderful mooncakes made by our beloved guests with amazing enthusiasm.

By means of our event, HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa would like to convey the best wishes to our beloved customers! Thank you for having a cozy and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival with us!

3. “Hopeful Moonlight” Voluntary Program

For a very long time, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become one of the happiest festivals for children in Vietnam since they can freely play with sparkling lanterns, admire spectacular Lion dance performances or share sweet moments with their family.

However, there are unfortunate orphan children unable to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in such that happy way. In order to bring a warm Mid-Autumn Festival to them, we had contacted Ms. Phuong - the "mother" of the orphans at the No. 3 promise house, Da Nang city to organize the “Hopeful Moonlight” Voluntary Program.

Special performances and a playground among HAIAN volunteers and children made the house of love more cozy and sparkling in the cold autumn. We are very happy because we have contributed to compensate for the feelings of the children, helping them to be more confident in overwhelming difficulties to develop themselves.

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