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Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA (Part 1)

Tourists coming to Danang always look for relaxed moments in luxurious and comfortable hotels, especially near the sea and the city center in order to experience the charming My Khe beach as well as many other stunning attractive spots. HAIAN hotel also has a lot of outstanding and unique services, promising to give visitors here the most luxurious experience. HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa is pleased to accompany you and have a closer look at these outstanding services.

1. British Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon tea culture has been quite familiar to Vietnameses people, especially the young generation. It even becomes one of the favorite trends in the latest 2-3 years due to its elegance and gentility.

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA

Originating in England - where every British drink tea at least 6 times a day. Thus, their way to enjoy afternoon tea becomes very aristocratic and stylish. A common afternoon tea carries a lot of formal requirements, not just simply a cup of tea or a piece of cake. Perfect afternoon tea will consist of a delicious teapot, jam, honey, sugar, a tea strainer, a clock, a tower full of tarts, finger sandwiches (usually small), Victoria Sponge cake and indispensable savory scones in conjunction with whipping cream and fruit jam. Besides, afternoon tea HAIAN is also very eye-catching and seductive, ready for stunning photos and chilling moments.

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA

And for those who cannot drink tea, it’s free changing to coffee or hot chocolate. The British Afternoon tea service is available on the 22nd floor, Rooftop Bar and Infinity Pool. Make use of your valuable time with your beloved ones and enjoy European-style afternoon tea combos at one of the most beautiful beach hotels in Danang.

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA


- Combo HAIAN British Afternoon tea is now only 190k / 2 pax (In-house only).

- Open hour: from 2 pm - 6 pm daily.

Coming right to HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa to enjoy the luxury lifestyle of the famous foggy country – England!

2. HAIAN Infinity Pool

Looking for a place to admire Danang breathtaking beach view and unwind from the summer heat, HAIAN Infinity Pool is definitely the destination for you. In such an airy swimming space, outstanding panoramic ocean view from above, you can temporarily leave behind the chaos in your daily routines and be free to enjoy the beautiful nature in the most relaxed way!

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA

From HAIAN Infinity Pool, the charming My Khe beach will absolutely seduce you right at your first look, bringing you closer to Danang nature. Especially, watching the glorious sun magnificently rises up or down in such an enchanting screen of our stunning Infinity pool is absolutely a must-experience thing!

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA



_ Location: 22th floor at HAIAN

3. HAIAN Food Floating Tray

This is one of our must-try services for you, your family and friends. Indulge yourself with such a delicious and luxury floating brunch while immersing in the water and admiring the alluring beach view from HAIAN Infinity Pool, what a deluxe and exciting experience!

Breathtaking ocean view plus our stunning pool will absolutely the ideal place for your wonderful pictures and unforgettable memories.

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA

Only 450,000 VND for the wonderful combination of Asian and European cuisine:

- Cheese and Ham.

- Shrimp Cocktail.

- Vietnam Egg Rolls and Nem Lui (grilled sausage).

- Passion Fruit Cheese Cake.

- Fresh Fruits.

Outstanding services OF HAIAN BEACH HOTEL & SPA


- Opening hour: 6 am – 2 pm daily.

- Clean towels and bathrooms are always ready for you.


Follow HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa for other attractive services as well as the latest promotions!

Wish you have a perfect vacation in Da Nang.

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