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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) has been becoming a serious concern for everyone because of the frightening effects on health and the dangers of its human-to-human transmission. Facing the situation of complicated changes, HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa would like to send you a few notes for your travel being more comfortable and safer.

1. Personal Hygiene Safety

Since Coronavirus 2019 is a new virus strain that spreads from person to person through contact with infected body fluids, you should pay more attention to personal hygiene safety. Depending on the degree of spread of the virus, coughing, sneezing or shaking hands can expose others to exposure.

Always washing your hands with soap/antibacterial hand sanitizer is a simple and effective way to prevent Coronavirus, especially before touching your eyes, nose, mouth or eating. You should wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds to ensure safety after touching anything.

2. Wearing masks, especially when going to crowded places

With an extremely small size, only about 150-200 nanometers, Coronavirus is easily released into the air and will often attach to molecules of steam or air to move. Therefore, using a medical mask is the simplest way to prevent the Coronavirus.

When wearing a mask, you should let the blue face out, due to the water-proof ability. On the other hand, the white side is hygroscopic, so turn inwards so your breath out is filtered by the mask. Your masks must cover both the nose and mouth.

3. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing/sneezing

As mentioned above, Coronavirus can be easily spread into the air. With just a cough, you will spread into the environment a cloud called "aerosol", carrying terrible things from body fluids, gas molecules to pathogens like viruses and bacteria. The virus can follow that to spread into the air more than 3 meters away.

4. Provide vitamin C regularly

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the body to increase resistance. Especially in this Corona season, providing vitamin C is the most priority for the body to be healthy and against the virus. You can provide vitamin C in many different ways such as taking vitamin pills, using fruits with natural vitamins (fruits with orange or red outside), using healthy drink water ...

HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa has placed: washing water, medical masks, vitamins and detox drinks containing vitamin C in any public area for guests.

5. Avoid fake news

Last but not least, you need to keep a "cool head" when facing fake news. "Dirty media" blows up and use Coronavirus as a way to increase likes and views. Therefore, you should only follow information from the Local Government Area or reputable newspapers to avoid confusion.

For any information, contact the hotline for advice and information on the disease – 1900 3228 – Hotline of the Coronavirus Health Ministry.

The Danang Hotel HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa hope with the must-do list above, you would have learned the basic preventive measures to travel comfortably in this Corona season.

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